Incubator for digital solutions.

“We want to set standards with our companies and shareholdings”

Stefan Franke, CEO (4elements .the synergy group)

4elements .the synergy group stands in particular for the digitization of companies and the transformation of goods and communication processes in the areas of fulfillment, logistics, IT and the requirements of online trading in general.

In 2003 I started with ZERO seed capital and in the course of that I celebrated many successes and suffered painful defeats. I have met great people and have been deceived and disappointed by many. I had 1000 ideas and rejected just as many.

Some mistakes hurt and some cost a lot of money. But in the end a door opened again and again. Every crisis took me one step further and was the basis for new solutions and business ideas.

Today I am grateful for every mistake and can only encourage everyone: Make mistakes!

Stefan Franke
CEO & Founder
From Hamburg to the whole Welt

The 4elements Group

Since 2008, the 4elements Group has been developing digital solutions for logistics, fulfillment and e-commerce. We do not only focus on our own companies in the area of fulfillment and logistics, but also invest in young companies from other industries in the area of software and technology in order to enable them to grow faster.

We not only invest in our own companies and new business areas, but also participate in start-ups in logistics, fulfillment, software and e-commerce, which we accompany as incubators. We see ourselves as managers of our investments with a clear focus on growth in the online segment.

The proximity to our previous business models makes sense in order to leverage corresponding synergies.

With the development and investment in central organizational and management software since 2011, we have laid the foundation for a modern, cloud-based corporate structure. 25 years of experience in logistics and IT ultimately form the basis for innovative solutions. Today our companies serve large as well as small companies with different requirements and solutions. Become part of our idea as an employee, investor or partner. Contact us!



Our companies and participations act independently and are self-sufficient with their managers and employees. You benefit from the Group’s know-how and are accompanied and supported by our management.

YouSellWeSend GmbH

Connect shop system, send goods, store, sell: that is the motto of YouSellWeSend.

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Finitex GmbH & Co. KG

Finitex is the expert location for everything to do with fashion fulfillment in Hagenow.

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Synerlogis GmbH & Co. KG

Synerlogis in Kiel not only fills electrical goods, it also offers repair, refurbishment and after-sales service.

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4e software solution GmbH

4e Software Solution GmbH is continuously developing WEMALO as the software for warehousing and logistics. It is used at all 4elements locations.

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Tempboni UG (limited liability)

Tempboni is the group’s temporary employment agency. Its staff ensures smooth processes even during peak order periods in the warehouses.

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4e trading GmbH

Through 4e trading, the Group sells goods on a wide variety of Internet channels.


The EU parcel service Parcelito allows dealers to save considerably on EU parcel shipping.  By means of a collective parcel all parcels are sent to Parcelito and sent from there all over Europe.

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Cuponito has proven itself as a smart couponing solution for stationary retail in cooperation with Kaufland and ventum. The service is already being used in several projects.

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LABESTonline GmbH

LABEST makes it possible for banks to evaluate inventories. This enables traders to obtain better loans.

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Innovativ Solutions for optimal processes

Our Mission

Businesses and their customers are increasingly communicating through digital media. This increases the customer’s demand for speed and flexibility. In doing so, he not only limits this to communication, but also expects it from the flow of goods. We want to create solutions for the challenges of tomorrow!

  • InvestmentsWe invest in companies in the fields of logistics, fulfillment, e-commerce and technology. The companies can count on our support and benefit from the Group's innovations, in particular the digitalisation of business processes.
  • IncubatorWe see ourselves as an incubator for new business ideas. We accompany the process from the first sketch to the proof of concept; ideas turn products and people into entrepreneurs.